PIC16F84A Matrix LED Display

Author : Dinesh Kumar Wickramasinghe

Introduction and Images

Please note that I used MPLAB Versio 8.3 to build the code. (Not the latest version). If you have any error while compiling the code, please use an old version of MPLAB or use the compiled HEX files to program. You can download MPLAB V8.3 from above link.

PIC16F84A Matrix LED Display Youtube Video
Completed circuit of the PIC16F84A Matrix LED Display
PIC16F84A Matrix LED Display
PIC16F84A Matrix LED Display When Running
PIC16F84A Matrix LED Display
PIC16F84A Matrix LED Display Schematic

Extracted from the book - PIC Programming. Author - Mr. Sarath Premachandra.(4S5AS) City & Guild London. Credits goes to him.

Downloads for this Project
Download Schematic (PDF)
Download Schematic (ZIP)
Download Source Code and HEX
Display Custom Text Guide (PDF)
Display Custom Text Guide (ZIP)
All in one zip
Download MPLAB v8.3

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Published By : MUBASHIR
Added Date :4/12/2017 6:05:48 AM
Pls say the name of all components
Published By : C Raghavan
Added Date :12/27/2016 1:11:20 PM
I am trying to fabricate this circuit .Hope this will work satisfactorily.
Published By : ganesh kumbhakar
Added Date :12/24/2016 4:10:08 PM
matrix is good
Published By : kreem adhm
Added Date :12/11/2016 2:12:15 PM
Published By : alfred k hide
Added Date :10/26/2016 2:40:03 PM
please send me all details i want to do this project
Published By : ARUP HALDER
Added Date :9/26/2016 9:52:50 AM
please let me know what i will do for 16x32 matrix display.
Published By : ARUP HALDER
Added Date :9/25/2016 7:43:45 PM
If I want to use 16x16 matrix display use by the same circuit then what I will do.
Published By : Dark
Added Date :9/15/2016 8:43:37 PM
Hi. I did the schematic and ran the simulation. I also copied the code but the matrix doesn't seem to be showing the expected result. Please help. I can show you the schematic in proteus if you want.
Published By : Rafael Christian Aguilar
Added Date :9/14/2016 4:10:03 PM
Good project! But may I ask, how would I modify the source code if I want to display as much as 50 characters? Thank you very much!
Published By : kreem adhm
Added Date :9/12/2016 7:28:07 AM
Published By : C Raghavan
Added Date :7/27/2016 2:13:34 PM
Very good project.
Published By : Harsh Malviya
Added Date :3/5/2016 5:33:45 PM
Pls acknowledge me with circuit and connection diagram of 32*32 moving led display
Published By : Victor
Added Date :3/1/2016 6:42:12 PM
Thank you for your reply! This PIC has such a project: http://begstr.narod.ru/ Russian language. Good luck!
Published By : min
Added Date :11/12/2015 8:39:09 AM
good idea
Published By : Victor
Added Date :10/11/2015 4:05:00 AM
Very good project! "This code can display maximum 30 characters" - the more limited this code?
Published By : ishanka
Added Date :4/12/2015 11:39:50 AM
very good pic progam
Published By : André
Added Date :3/11/2015 5:28:20 PM
what if i want it in 8x24? how can i modify the program to reach that? Thank you :)
Published By : luis
Added Date :1/17/2015 10:16:45 AM
congratulation it's nice


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