Arduino Nokia 5110 Graphics Display

Author : Dinesh Kumar Wickramasinghe

Introduction and Images

Hello friends, this project is about connecting Nokia 5110 Graphic LCD to Arduino and Displaying Custom Graphics.

Before we begin, here are some images of the completed project.

Nokia 5110 Display
Nokia 5110 Display

Nokia 5110 Graphics Display comes with 84 x 48 Resolution and with a Back Light. This is a basic graphic LCD screen. This LCD Screen originally came with Nokia 5110 Mobile phone and now available with an easy to use PCB and connection terminals. This LCD uses the PCD8544 low power CMOS LCD controller. The PCD8544 interfaces to microcontrollers through a serial bus interface. Here is the data sheet link from Sparkfun.

I bought this display from this ebay seller and the price was about US $1.97. If this link does not work, please search on ebay as "nokia 5110 lcd". The LCD and the male headers are not soldered. So you have to solder them. Please be careful not to keep the soldering head long time near the display generating more heat around it.

Once you soldered the terminals, It will looks like this.

Nokia 5110 Display Soldered
Connecting your Nokia 5110 Display to Arduino UNO

Now it is time to connect your LCD to Arduino Uno board. I first connected the LCD to my breadboard and then connect the breadboard terminals to the Arduino UNO board.

Arduino Nokia 5110 Breadboard

Please follow the below table to clearly understand the connections. To turn on the back light, connect the backlight pin to the Arduino ground.

LCD Pin Arduino Pin
DC 10
GND Arduino Ground
CE or CS 12
LIGHT Arduino Ground
VCC Arduino 3.3V

Once you done the connection, please double check to make sure everything OK.

Displaying the Arduino Logo

Before we begin, you need to install a special library to Arduino IDE. This library has programming instruction to communicate with 5110 LCD. You can download the graphics library from the below link.

Download Graphic Library

On your Arduino IDE, go to menu Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library and browse the downloaded ZIP file. This will add the LCD5110_Basic Library to your Arduino IDE.

Here I created a sample project. This project will display the arduino LOGO on Nokia 5110 LCD Display. Later I will show you the steps to modify this project to display your own graphics.

Download the below ZIP file and unzip it.

Arduino Logo Project

This file contains an arduino project folder and inside this folder there are two files. One is the arduino code (arduino_logo_project.ino) file and other one is a "C" language code. (my_logo.c)

The arduino code has everything to display the graphic and my_logo.c file has the graphic (Arduino Logo) details which converted to a byte stream.

Double click on the arduino_logo_project.ino file. This will open up the Arduino IDE (I assume you already installed Arduino IDE and properly connected your Arduino UNO Board to the Computer.)

Upload the sketch to the Arduino. Ater few seconds, you will see the Arduino logo on the Display as on below image. Whooo!!

Arduino Nokia 5110
Displaying Custom Graphics

1) To display custom graphics, you need the help of a little software. This software converts your custom graphics to a byte stream. You can download the LCD Assistant from below link

Download LCD Assistant

2) For testing purpose, we will create a small graphic using MS Paint. Open Paint and resize the image size to 84 X 48 as on below screenshot.

Nokia 5110 Custom Graphic

3) Create your own image and when you save it make sure to select "Monochrome Bitmap" as the Save as type

Nokia 5110 Custom Graphic Save

4) Unzip the downloaded LCD Assistant ZIP file and double click the LCDAssistant.exe file to Run it

5) Click open and select the graphic file you just created.

Nokia 5110 LCD Assistant

6) Now click save and save this file on desktop. (Use any file name) Now open this file using notepad.

7) Select only the byte array and copy it. (See the below screenshot)

Arduino RC car theory

8) Open the arduino project (Arduino Logo Project) and open the my_logo.c tab and replace the byte array with new one

9) Save and upload your code. Now you will see your custom graphic on the LCD Display as below

Arduino Nokia 5110 Custom Logo

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions regarding this project, Please comment it. Share your ideas also.

More Examples

Before end up this tutorial, here are two cool examples projects. One is a scrolling text example and other one is a Nice graphical animation project.

The above example codes I got from this web link. Credits goes to the original author.

Author - Dinesh Kumar Wickramasinghe

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Published By : Joost
Added Date :3/11/2022 1:37:40 AM
This pogram is just what I needed
Published By : Janith
Added Date :6/21/2019 12:04:45 PM
Hi Dinesh, This was really helpful. I am unable to attach my outputs here. I used Graph.h and did some experiments in the 5110 LCD. Thank You


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